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Welcome to El Folio Entertainment, home of DJ Evan Foley and photographer Diana Foley. We invite you to find out why so many brides and grooms in Vermont have discovered our services - and couldn't be happier. We are Vermont's only family owned and operated full-service (DJ & photography) wedding company. With wedding exprience spanning more than a decade, El Folio Entertainment has put the 'care factor' back in wedding consultation, keeping our relationship with our clients personal, professional and elegant. As always, we pride ourselves on our client satisfaction (as our testimonials would attest). To ensure the quality of our work, we never service more than one event per day, or contract other vendors like the other guys. We're looking forward to hearing how we can be of service on your very special day.

DJ Evan

One Package. One Rate. No Surprises.
Not five, but SIX Hours of DJ/Emcee Service
Interactive Online Planner
Seductive Dancefloor Lightshow
Transformative Wireless Venue Uplighting (Or deduct $100 if you don't need it!)
Separate System for on-site Ceremony Music/Mic with Stand
Custom Playlist Fulfillment
RELIABLE Shure SM58 Wireless Mic for Toasts
Tax & Deposit INCLUDED
Absolutely NO CHARGE for transportation in Vermont
DIRECT communication with THE DJ performing (you never know)

We put the 'care factor' back into wedding planning.
We'd rather be the best than the biggest.


If you've been to any wedding, you've seen it before...


The DJ who overbears the mic, and music that often fades to a silence before the next song starts… the next oddly-selected song ruins the momentum of the dancefloor and people are just left disoriented and slightly annoyed as they drift back to their tables. Did you really pay over a grand for this DJ when an iPod could do the same job? Did you speak to the owner and actually get the high school underling?

Most of us have conceded to accept this as the norm in our culture for our most cherished and singular celebrations... that's why we put our foot down firmly and said no. You deserve the experience that matches the celebration... AND your investment.


DJ Evan Foley is not this 'problem' DJ… and he is not JUST a DJ.

With a core competence in weddings, doing them without hiatus for over a decade, Evan also carries the proud title of event producer with a planning system, refined heavily to help plan - and just as importantly, eliminate stress.


Having done AT LEAST ONE WEDDING PER WEEKEND for EACH WEDDING SEASON SINCE 2006, DJ Evan has discerned a clairvoiant authority over what makes a wedding reception great, and just as importantly, what makes it not-so-great. Practice makes perfect, and instead of falling out-of-practice like many dispatched entertainers from larger companies, Evan stays busy to build his interactive experience constantly.

It's our firm belief that a "trained DJ" doesn't match the talent and expertise of a DJ with over a decade of actual wedding experience, and that one should uncompromisingly request the latter.


With equal presence online to help plan, as well as firsthand communication during the process (you get the personal cell #), Evan will make sure that your night will be personalized down to the tee. Like many of the clubs you frequent, songs are transitioned and matched back to back in clever fashion spanning from 70s funk to Uptown Funk. Toss in a little Beatles and Michael Jackson, and you have a reception that'll keep everyone moving right up until the venue has to boot us out.


On the night of your wedding, perhaps the most important night of your life, you do NOT want your guests leaving early. You want them talking about it the next day… the next week… even the next year. This is why in 2017, about 37% of our clients were either guests or wedding party from a wedding Evan had performed at before.


Call it hereditary. My father was a marine, an then a commercial pilot for 20 years until 1992 when Pan Am went kaput. Before each flight was the standard pragmatic yet extremely crucial pre-flight checklist.

Twenty-five some odd years later, I perform a "pre-flight" checklist for EACH wedding. Although I'm not charged with the responsibility of the lives of passengers, I am charged with the honorable duty of providing an experience to augment the celebration that your wedding already is - a celebration which will never happen again.

The online worksheet that you prepare me with is paramount and has been tailored over the course of my extensive wedding career - to both make sure that all important points are touched upon, whilst not bombarding you with homework.

No flight without the pre-flight checklist.


A wedding professional DJ since 1999, Evan Foley has thousands of weddings to his credit with a comprehensive history to boast in Vermont. Although his DJ career started in high school, he pursued his field at SUNY Plattsburgh and graduated in Audio/Radio Digital Media Production, followed soon after with a Masters Degree in Administration and Leadership. Despite his education, Foley credits his true credentials to his comprehensive experience on the wedding circuit. Foley believes strongly in the practice of good ethics and communication as well as paying attention to the individual needs of each particular person. When not working, Evan loves to spend time with his wife, Diana and their children, Alex and Emma.

"What I coin as the 'care factor' is the incredibly important communication between people who do business, while eliminating the corner-cutting seen too much in today's technology which makes vital human interactions go by the wayside. While DJing is a job which any person with a laptop or turntable can do, a good wedding professional is somebody who can maintain an unmatched passion to serve the needs of ANY bride and groom. I've seen far too many people in the Vermont wedding arena who concentrate more on making themselves big instead of concentating on thier process quality. That's why I've decided to try my hand at this business."
-DJ Evan Foley
El Folio Entertainment is a proud subscriber to Promo Only, the nation's leading content provider to clubs, radio stations and professional entertainers since 1992. Promo Only prides itself in providing the best content - not only legally, but also innovatively - closing the gap between professional entertainers and the music industry.

El Folio Entertainment and Promo Only remind you that piracy is a crime. Hiring entertainers who don't pay for music provide an ethical and logistical problem. Ethically because artists don't get compensated, and logistically - becasue pirating entertainers may find themselves either in jail or bankrupt on the day of your wedding. Whoever you choose for your entertainment, insist on companies that seek legal avenues for their content.


Morey Room - Lake Morey Resort, Fairlee VT:    
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Accolades... as awarded by our past clients:
Each contract we issue also includes a list of referrals
so that you can ask past clients your questions.

-- See what people are saying about El Folio Entertainment --

"We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day"
"Diana and Evan: we just got home from our honeymoon and got our wedding photos. They are phenomenol! We love them. Thank you so much for doing such a great job with both the photos and the music. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. Our guests and us had so much fun and I think the photos really reflect that. Thank you again and again!"

-Maegan and Sean, Enfield, NH
(Wedding in West Lebanon, NH)

"[DJ Evan] is very very much the best DJ anyone at my wedding has ever heard..."
"Evan was more than absolutely amazing!! He was everything we wanted and more. If you talk to anyone invited to our wedding then you will hear that the dance floor was packed alll night! We had to stop the dancing to do the dollar dance and we almost forgot to do it. I cannot say anything bad at all about Evan. He is very very much the best DJ anyone at my wedding has ever heard... I am going to book him for every big event I have and recommend him to everyone I know!"
-Melinda Julian, Grafton MA
(Wedding in Auburn, MA)

"went the distance to ensure our wedding experience was the best"
"My wife and I were planning a wedding on very tight budget. We were convinced we'd have to compromise, but thanks to Evan Foley we were able to afford professional grade music, photography and videography for less then you might pay for just a DJ. Evan and his wife went the distance to ensure our wedding experience was the best and we'll be forever in their debt for helping us not just create the day we wanted but also in documenting it."
-Stewart and Amanda
(Wedding in Essex Junction, Vermont)

"wonderful to work with... Diana captured wonderful moments"
"El Folio Entertainment was wonderful to work with. We used both the DJ and the photography services. Our friends and family commented on how much they enjoyed the DJ service. My mother hates to have her picture taken, and even she said she didn't notice Diana taking pictures in the crowd, which was perfect - and even better, Diana captured some wonderful moments. THANK YOU!"

-Janice and Jeremy
(Wedding in Highgate, Vermont)
DJ in Vermont Evan Foley"Not the biggest Vermont DJ company... but definitely the best."
"Throughout my experience with DJ Evan, it was clear that he wanted to work directly with me to make my wedding memorable. Before going with El Folio Entertainment, I looked around at the other larger DJ companies in Vermont that boasted expereince, but still employed their wedding DJs off the street. What made me the most comfortable with El Folio Entertainment, is that Evan wasn't especially interested in being the biggest DJ company, but based on some of my bridesmaids past experiences, he definitely turned out to be the best. It didn't come as much of a surprise, as he readily offered a referral list with past contacts. Thank you so much Evan for keeping things moving all night. This was an evening people will be speaking of for years to come."

-Erin and Matt, Richmond, VT
(Wedding at The Ponds, Bolton, VT)

"The dancefloor was never empty!"
"DJ Evan Foley was very prompt, professional, and played something for everyone. All our guests, young and old, were up dancing all night long. The dancefloor was never empty! I highly recommend El Folio entertainment!!"

-Ashley and Edward, Woodbury, MN
(Wedding in Killington, VT)
"...everything was perfect."
"What an amazing wedding day - everything was perfect. We couldn't have asked for a better DJ to keep our wide range of guests entertained for hours (ages 1 week to 86). Evan was great to work with from the beginning, very prompt with return phone calls and meeting request. He arrived early and helped with some last minute details on our wedding day. Very professional, detail oriented, and knows how to keep the party going. We would highly recommend DJ Evan Foley."

-John and Heather Glover, Bath, NH
(Wedding in Bretton Woods, NH)
"I've never seen my wife dance like that..."
"Thank you so much for that day. You were great, your wife [photographer] was great. I've never seen my wife dance like that, everybody had a blast, and everyone complimented on how good the music was and how good your service was, so thanks again."

-Brent S., North Adams, MA
(Wedding in Vergennes, Vermont)
Vermont DJ Evan Foley with newlyweds"...would book him again instantly."
"From the time we met, DJ Evan Foley was very well organized and paid attention to detail. He first went over how we should line up for the introductions made sure how to pronounce our names. He is also very flexible to meet your needs, which comes in handy when things come up unexpectedly. His website is a great template for your reception, and if you have any specific preferences, I encourage you to add them, because Evan will make them happen! He is not overbearing with the microphone and played the perfect songs for our guests. He also leaves room for requests and encourages people to make them, which makes the night more interesting and personal. On our wedding day, a lot of things went wrong; DJ Evan Foley was NOT one of them. He was the one thing we did not have to worry about! We were very pleased with his performance and would book him again instantly."

David and Shylah
(Wedding in Ticonderoga, New York)
"...would recommend to anyone and everyone!"
"Well I would like to tell you that everyone that we have talked to so far was raving about you and how much fun they were having and everyone was extremely impressed with you. We want to thank you for making our day as wonderful as we had hoped it would be. We would recommend you to anyone and everyone! Great Job and thank you soo much for everything!!"

Courtney and Shane
(Wedding in Dorset, VT)
"stellar customer service, great music, and a professional work ethic"
"DJ Evan was awesome!! We booked El Folio back in September for our July wedding, sometime in May discovered that he was now offering video service at a wonderful price, and we really wanted our wedding to be documented with a video but thought it wouldn't work into our budget, but with El Folio it was now possible! DJ Evan did a great job, came early, was very professional, video taped our very long Catholic ceremony, and then moved on to the reception where he kept the dance floor packed all night and had the camera rolling!! Our family and friends raved about how great the music was and how the dance floor was always full! He even allowed (with our permission) my sister and cousins to do some karaoke for us! He was a wonderful MC and kept everything on schedule as well! It was such a great night and we owe much of it to DJ Evan and El Folio Entertainment!! We definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a DJ/videographer with stellar customer service, great music, and a professional work ethic. Thanks again DJ Evan!!"

-Yvonne and Anthony; Jacksonville, FL
(Wedding in Burlington, Vermont)
"...nothing but the best in professional entertainment!"
"El Folio Entertainment is nothing but the best in professional entertainment! DJ Evan Foley ensured our wedding day went perfectly by coordinating the setup of the event and his equipment, and ensuring that we were very happy with his level of service throughout the day. He played all of the songs we requested ahead of time, as well as did an amazing job, improvising when neccesary. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a DJ for any type of event, especially weddings!"

-Marlie & Tom, New York City
(Wedding in Albany)
"We had so many people tell us that they had never danced so much at a wedding"
DJ Evan, Thank you so much for everything! Our guests raved about you, and said they had a great time dancing all night at our wedding!!! We had so many people tell us that they had never danced so much at a wedding. Your music choices perfectly reflected us and our choices, but you also adjusted to what our guests wanted to hear. We really appreciate you staying late to keep the party going. You were a complete professional, arriving early to make sure you were all set up prior to the reception, having all of our requests ready to go, and interacting perfectly with our guests. I would recommend you to anyone for any kind of event. Thank you again!

-Abbie & David; Woodstock, Vermont
(Wedding in South Woodstock, Vermont)
"a really great expereience"
"My experience with El Folio Entertainment was excellent! Evan played everything we asked, took requests from the crowd, and really helped keep the party going. He was very professional before the event, quickly returning emails and called the night before to confirm all of the details. Overall a really great experience

-Kristen and Caysey; Bridgeport, CT
(Wedding at Echo Lake, Ludlow, Vermont)
"...couldn't have asked for anything more."
"I was so pleased with DJ Evan and El Folio Entertainment. I thought he did a great job and couldn't have asked for anything more. He was professional and fun. He really read the crowd and played songs that kept people dancing. My husband, who isn't a dancer at all, danced the night away. All of our guests were out of their seats and dancing! It was so fun and laid back. Exactly what I dreamed of for my reception. He was also so easy to get in touch with if there were ever any questions or issues, and the online wedding tool was so helpful with planning. I would definitely hire him again and highly recommend him to anyone that needs a DJ. You will not be let down!"
-Melissa P
(Wedding in Stowe, Vermont)
"Incredible... 90% of guests on floor, 90% of the time!"
"Incredible - [DJ Evan] had 90% percent of the guests out on the floor 90% of the time. Everybody really enjoyed themselves."

-Lawrence Jeffery, Manager, Echo Lake Inn, Ludlow, VT

"DJ Evan Foley and his wife Diana were very professional. The music was amazing, he had my family on the dance floor the entire night. Diana made the photography effortless, and took the time to get more shots as the night went on. We couldn't have had a better wedding day and they were a large part of that. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping to make our wedding day one that we will remember always."
-Leigh-Anne Frosch, Antrim, NH
(Wedding in Springfield, VT)

"Everything went smoothly and our guests had a blast during the reception! Thanks for accommodating our last minute changes & requests!"
-Cammie & Matt
(Wedding in Bolton Valley)

"It was a pleasure to have DJ Evan Foley at our wedding. He played everything we asked, took requests from the crowd, and really helped keep the party going. Everyone had a great time dancing for hours . He was very professional before the event, quickly returning emails and called before the event to confirm all of the details. Thank you for being part of our special day."
-Sara C., Colchester, Vermont
(Wedding in Burlington, Vermont)

"It was a pleasure to have Evan Foley be the DJ at our wedding. Because of him, our guests aged two to seventy two enjoyed more than five hours of dancing, laughing and many special family moments. The wedding wouldn't have been the same without him. In fact, our guests paid him extra to stay beyond the hours we had originally scheduled. If the reception hadn't been outside in a tent, the guests would have probably asked him to play music till dawn.
In addition to his professionalism, Evan had a great attitude, showed up early and was very helpful throughout the entire wedding and reception. We highly recommend him."
-Rod and Asha L, Zimmerman, MN
(Wedding in Chester, Vermont)

"The 'care factor' really is back in wedding entertainment! DJ Evan did a great job at our lake wedding, and the music couldn't have been better as everyone was out dancing. Even the oldest guests had a great time. Top notch!"
Tom and Amy T
(Wedding Middlebury, Vermont)

"Thank you for helping to make our wedding day PERFECT. Your attention to detail and your ability to play a selection of music for everybodys taste were impecable!!! We couldn't have gotten a better DJ for our event! Thanks again, Evan. We really do appreciate all your work."
-Lerlene and Eric, Wisconsin
(Wedding in Springfield, Vermont)

"Evan was nothing but professional, easy to work with, and the backbone of our small wedding reception. I would highly recommend him for any wedding reception."
-Tyler & Sarah W.
Northfield, Vermont

"El Folio did an amazing job at our wedding. In addition to being early, well prepared, and very professional, Evan played a great selection of music and had all our guests on their feet. He diligently worked with us to be sure he would play the type of music we wanted and not play what we didn't want. We are looking forward to working with Evan again in the future and recommend him to all our friends."
-Christopher Pepe

"El Folio [Entertainment] was prompt, organized and appropriately dressed for our coastal wedding [in Maine]. He had a great idea of classic wedding music and was flexible in accommodating our personal music needs and desires throughout the night. Similarly, he was flexible in his travel needs, as well as staying a little while after our contract had ended, as his music was helping the party carry on. We definitely recommend him to any wedding or higher class function."
-Sylvia & Brad, Burlington, Vermont
(Reception in Bath, Maine)

"DJ Evan Foley really set the tone for our wedding reception. The guests had a very wide spectrum of music tastes from hip-hop to rock & roll. Evan really listened to the requests of everyone and played just the right stuff. We even compiled a huge list of the newlywed’s favorites along with other family members. He was able to supply just what we were looking for. The atmosphere was great, the sound was rockin’ and the price was surprisingly reasonable. He will be at the top of our list for DJs when our daughter decides to get married for sure."
- Bob & Deb Brickey, Springfield, Vermont

"My new husband and I were very impressed with DJ Evan Foley. Not only was he affordable, he arrived early too. He had everything that we asked for, even the hard to find songs that we requested. He was well prepared and very helpful on our big day. I have recommended him for my friends upcoming wedding/events and I would use his services again in the future."
-Alicia Harrington-French, Groton, Vermont

"DJ Evan Foley did a fantastic job at our wedding. He played a wide selection of music and made sure not to play what we didn't want to hear. He even went the extra mile to attain music that he did not have so that we would be happy. His prices were also the best I found and I'd recommend him to everybody."
-Erin, West Rutland, Vermont

"We were extremely happy with having DJ Evan at our wedding. He was very professional and accommodated all our requests for music and announcements. The variety of musical genres included songs that all ages could enjoy. He played a big part in making our day a success, we will definitely use him again when a need for a DJ arises."
-Jill & David, Cavendish, Vermont


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Reception Setup
Ceremony Setup
8 Hours
Server delivery
Full rights
No watermarks
8 Hours, DJ 6 Latter
all features seen left

during Prime Season
:: or :: Off-Season:
(Nov - Memorial Wknd.)
Deduct $250
from rate above
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Military or First
Additional $100
and thank you!
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Photo Booth Express
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Travel Expenses,
Easy Online Planner
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Why this DJ from Vermont is priced this way

What sets us apart?

Exactly what sets us apart from other Vermont DJ companies?

  • For hundreds less than most of our DJ competitors, we offer the same or superior service as rated 5/5 stars on both WeddingWire and The Knot since 2009.

  • We are upfront and transparent about our prices based on the time of year you’re getting married.

  • We are proud to offer discounts to military AND first responders to say how much we appreciate those who serve.

  • For our competitors, there are starting prices.
    We show the bottom-line price which includes: tax, transportation, deposit, secondary portable system (with music and microphone for ceremony), uplighting and online planner.

  • For EVERY new wedding contract, we issue a comprehensive referral list FOR THE PERSON WHO WILL BE AT YOUR WEDDING.

  • We NEVER subcontract other DJ or photography companies… ever.

  • We only serve one wedding per date per service.

  • We are family owned and operated as a husband-wife team.

  • We openly encourage you to review some of your choices, and decide who might be best for you!

Did you know… many DJ companies (especially multi-operational ones) include a “non-disparagement” clause in their contract which legally prevents the client from leaving a review anywhere without prior consent from that company.

When you see their extraordinary reviews, are you seeing the whole picture?

El Folio Entertainment feels this is a huge infringement on honest business practices. We do not and never have included any form of a non-disparagement clause in our contract because we want our client’s honest opinions to grow and learn. Our current 5.0 rating on WeddingWire and The Knot alike stands as testament from many clients across many years which time and again have raved about our services and our personal touch. This has made us one of the most HONESTLY-highly-accoladed wedding companies, not only in Vermont but in the Adirondack/New England region altogether.

As you prospect your wedding vendors, and as you lay out all of your options, inquire with other companies if they have a non-disparagement clause – and ask yourself if that company is right for you.

Getting Married? Looking for a Vermont DJ?

Take a second to read this important information:

72% of brides wish they had spent more time choosing their Reception entertainment

Almost 100% said they wish they had spent more on the wedding entertainment to get the better people.

Instead, wedding dress, reception site and caterer was top of the priority list 4 months before the wedding.

4 weeks after the wedding, 78% of brides say they would have made the reception entertainment
TOP of the priority list.
When asked, 81% of guests say the thing they remember most about a wedding reception was the entertainment.
65% of couples who chose a band for their reception said that if they could do it again, they would definitely choose a DJ instead.
SOURCE: Bride & Groom Magazine

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