Diana Foley
Long before meeting Evan at Plattsburgh, Diana has been an avid photographer for over ten years and in Vermont alone, has led to endorsements and mentions from Vermont Bride Magazine and Adirondack Weddings Magazine. Her work has also appeared in TV commercials, most notably The Capitol Plaza in Montpelier across from the statehouse.

Evan Foley
Although his DJ career started in high school, he pursued his field at SUNY Plattsburgh and graduated in Audio/Radio Digital Media Production, followed soon after with a Masters Degree in Administration and Leadership. Despite his education, Foley credits his true credentials to his comprehensive experience on the wedding circuit. Foley believes strongly in the practice of good ethics and communication as well as paying attention to the individual needs of each particular person.

When not working Diana and Evan love traveling and exploring new places with their two kids Alex and Emma, who may themselves take on in their parents footsteps one day.
Alexander Foley
Photography – Second Shooter
Alex Foley is Foley Weddings’ FIRST second-generation operative, and Diana’s second shooter when requested. Under Diana’s leadership, Alex has taken the reigns to elevate the photography experience, providing additional shots to make the day remembered more vividly.

When Alex is not doing weddings (or schoolwork), he enjoys many extracurricular activities including, but not limited to: skiing, gaming, walks with the dogs, and running. Alex’s favorite ski hills are Killington, Stratton and Bromley for a few light runs.
When you choose Foley Weddings, you support a small Vermont family business, owned and operated exclusively by our family. Your decision also builds opportunities for our children to one day possibly follow in our footsteps. As other companies focus on how to accrue trainees and build their team to take on as many events as possible, our team will always stay within our household, approaching your event with a more singular, honed focus. This will remain our primary asset in helping our children have the option to prosperously enter the Vermont wedding industry one day.