Cotton Candy by Foley Weddings

Why should I have cotton candy as an addition to my candy table?

1. It’s a crowd-pleaser: Cotton candy is a nostalgic treat that many people love, making it a great choice for a dessert option that will appeal to guests of all ages.

2. It’s customizable: Cotton candy can be made in a variety of colors and flavors, allowing you to match your wedding colors or create a unique flavor profile that complements your menu.

3. It’s a fun experience: Watching cotton candy being spun can be a fun and interactive experience for guests, adding an element of entertainment to your wedding.

4. It’s a unique touch: While traditional desserts like cake and cupcakes are always popular choices, serving cotton candy as well can help set your wedding apart and make it a memorable event for guests.

Overall, having cotton candy at your wedding can be a fun and creative way to add a unique touch to your dessert offerings and create a memorable experience for your guests.

– Six foot table, preferably dressed in linen
– Grounded power, preferably on dedicated circuit

Starts at $200
-Foley Weddings provides the attendant

Candy: Carnival Candyfloss
The kind you remember from the fair… nostalgic and colorful but basically sugar flavored throughout.

Candy: Jolly Rancher (most popular)
The bursting flavors of Jolly Rancher, spun into vibrant candyfloss sticks.
Grape, Green Apple, Cherry, Blue Rasperry, Watermelon

Candy: Maple Sugar (+$100)
The full Vermont experience… maple cotton candy. Give your guests from all over a proper taste of Vermont with authentic Vermont maple sugar… certain to keep your guests raving!


Can I book cotton candy service a-la-carte?
Unfortunately not – this service is only available in tandem with an existing DJ, photography or bundle contract.

Can I provide my own candy or supplies?
Unfortunately not… we need to be under control of what candy can go into our machine at all times.