COVID and Weddings

Both of us are completely vaccinated.
Please continue championing vaccinations and science-based solutions so that celebrations can continue as planned.

Given Vermont’s vaccination progress in tandem with reopening throughout the region, at this time, neither COVID-19 nor any variant will be acknowledged by El Folio Entertainment as a “force majeure” cause for cancelation or postponement, and all terms pertinent to cancelation proximity balances upon existing agreements will apply.


We continue to channel all safety procedures and requests as provided by your venue, who will be providing further guidance on safety throughout the night and will provide service at their discretion based on compliance. In the event this takes place at a private property, we reserve the right to act as the venue, continuing service contingent only upon compliance of the CDC and Vermont Department of Health.

Addendum on payments:

All payments made are unconditionally nonrefundable, even if a mandate prevents the event from happening. For this reason, we are allowing our clients to settle up on the night of the event opposed to the usual two weeks required prior.

Q: I need to cancel. Can I get my deposit back?
A: The deposit was placed in order to retain and hold your date, turning others away… a service which has already been rendered. Unfortunately, in the event of a cancelation, we are not able to refund your desposit.