El Folio Entertainment
Press release on COVID-19

We will update this article periodically as further information becomes available.

El Folio Entertainment and other wedding professionals in Vermont are closely monitoring the situation that is affecting us all.

We know that you’re concerned about what this means for your upcoming celebration, and frankly, we are also concerned about how this will affect the volume of our business. We remain healthy and prepared to serve you by any means necessary, and will help in any responsible way possible to mitigate postponing or even canceling your affair, which given the current circumstances, we will never do from our end. We understand that any decision to postpone does not just affect our services, but that of the venue, flowers, cake, bar service, guests, and so on.

Our March and April weddings have been postponed.

May Weddings and beyond
At this time, we simply do not know how this situation will evolve until May. We encourage you to wait to postpone until mid to late April to see if the momentum of this crisis has slowed.

In the event you decide to postpone with us, we remind you that we have an abundance of summer 2020 non-Saturday dates available with lesser rates. If you see the need to postpone, we encourage you to act on these dates instead of dates in 2021.

At this time, the 2020 in-season Saturdays we have available are:
July 4th (fireworks?) [addl. $250 credited to your event]
July 25th [addl. $250 credited to your event]
October 11th (Columbus Sunday) [addl. $250 credited to your event]
October 31st [addl. $300 credited to your event]
Above credits only eligible to those who either resechedule as needed by government mandate or volunarily within 1 month.

Please remember that these precautions taken on are to minimize further contamination and are not necessarily an effort to quarantine. That said, we ALL hold a responsibilty to prevent the spread.

Q: How is El Folio Entertainment responding to COVID-19?

A: All of us carry a responsibility in minimizing the spread of COVID-19, and we are certainly no exception. Prior to the season starting, we had actually arranged a family trip to France which we since have voluntarily, yet sadly postponed indefinitely. We are also limiting our events to only weddings and turning away public events such as clubs and school dances until further notice. By doing this we are not exposing ourselves or our equipment to large groups of people more than necessary.

We remain one of the few single-operation DJ companies in Vermont and as such keep a smaller event count.

We have always used electronic online planning assets which make planning your celebration easy, thus making meetings optional. We will continue to meet as requested on a case by case basis, but remind our clients that planning can continue in the comfort of your own home, with video chat available via Facebook video messaging. Click “contact” above for all methods to reach out to us at any time during your planning process.

We remain open for business and are accepting new requests for 2020 and beyond.

Q: What happens if WE (the client) want to cancel or postpone voluntarily as a precaution?

A: This situation is evolving daily – we emplore you to wait within three weeks time to see if your event will be affected. If you, your fiancé(e) and your guests are healthy, have stayed home while minimizing non-essential travel, and have used the recommended heath practices by the CDC, there is little reason to change your wedding plans in Vermont’s open-space environment because of COVID-19. If you still feel the need to postpone or cancel as a voluntary precaution, pre-exisiting cancellations or postponement policies in your respective contract would apply. While reviewing terms, remember our intent to render service remains unchanged.

Q: What if the law MANDATES I can NOT have my celebration as planned?

A: On March 15th, the CDC presented a recommendation for people to only continue a gathering if it does not involve more vulnerable members of our population, practices good hand hygene and encourages social distancing. Many state and municipal governments have went as far as closing workplaces, schools, clubs, and restaurants amongst other places.

Massachusetts, for example, has banned gatherings of 25 people or more, effectively suspending weddings in their state. Currently, Vermont has closed schools and restaurants. Like many hospitality operations in Vermont willing to remain open, we remain eager and ready to render service at your celebration provided that all pertinent precautions are liberally exercised.

Our advice now is to wait until a window of three weeks of your event, to see what the situation is closer to your event. In the event that a governing body mandates that your celebration or gathering can not happen as planned, we will work on a case-by-case basis to either migrate service to a different available date, provide a refund, or release you from your contract as needed. Although it’s our aim to help everybody, this does NOT DIRECTLY APPLY to voluntary cancellations.This would concern your venue primarily… please reach out to them during this time to see if there is anything that will be preventing them from hosting your wedding at any point.

We are all concerned during this difficult and unprecedented time, and our hearts go out to those affected, some in health, many more economically.

We encourage further questions to our email, ElFolioEntertainment@gmail.com regarding this situation and we will try to post pertinent responses here.

Thank you, and we unequivocally still look forward to celebrating with you!

DJ Evan Foley
Diana Foley, photographer
El Folio Entertainment