One Vermont DJ Package. One Rate. No Surprises.
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Not five but
six hours
of service
Interactive Online
Planner Worksheet
Seductive Dancefloor
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Ceremony music & mic
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Custom Playlist
Reliable Mic
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Tax & Deposit
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Transportation in
VT/surrounding areas
Direct communication
with the DJ

We put the ‘care factor’ back into wedding planning.
We’d rather be the best VT DJ company than the biggest.

If you’ve seen any wedding DJ, you’ve seen it before…


The DJ who overbears the mic, and music that often fades to a silence before the next song starts… the next oddly-selected song ruins the momentum of the dancefloor and people are just left disoriented and slightly annoyed as they drift back to their tables. Did you really pay over a grand for this DJ when an iPod could do the same job? Did you speak to the owner and actually get the high school underling?

Most of us have conceded to accept this as the norm in our wedding disc jockey culture for our most cherished and singular celebrations… that’s why we put our foot down firmly and said no. You deserve the experience that matches the celebration… AND your investment.


DJ Evan Foley is not this ‘problem’ DJ… and he is not JUST a DJ.

With a core competence in Vermont weddings, doing them without hiatus for over a decade, Evan also carries the proud title of Vermont event producer with a planning system, refined heavily to help plan – and just as importantly, eliminate stress.


Having done AT LEAST ONE WEDDING PER WEEKEND for EACH WEDDING SEASON SINCE 2006, Vermont DJ Evan Foley has discerned a clairvoyant authority over what makes a Vermont wedding great, and just as importantly, what makes it not-so-great. Practice makes perfect, and instead of falling out-of-practice like many dispatched entertainers from larger Vermont disc jockey companies, Evan stays busy to build his interactive experience constantly.

It’s our firm belief that a “trained DJ” doesn’t match the talent and expertise of a DJ with over a decade of actual wedding experience, and that one should uncompromisingly request the latter.


With equal presence online to help plan, as well as firsthand communication during the process (you get the personal cell #), DJ Evan will make sure that your night will be personalized down to the tee. Like many of the clubs you frequent, songs are transitioned and matched back to back in clever fashion spanning from 70s to Uptown Funk. Toss in a little Beatles and Michael Jackson, and you have a reception that’ll keep everyone moving right up until the venue has to boot us out.


On the night of your wedding, perhaps the most important night of your life, you do NOT want your guests leaving early. You want them talking about it the next day… the next week… even the next year. This is why in 2017, about 37% of our clients were either guests or wedding party from a wedding Evan had performed at before.


Call it hereditary. My father was a marine, an then a commercial pilot for 20 years until 1992 when Pan Am went kaput. Before each flight was the standard pragmatic yet extremely crucial pre-flight checklist.

Twenty-five some odd years later, I perform a “pre-flight” checklist for EACH wedding. Although I’m not charged with the responsibility of the lives of passengers, I am charged with the honorable duty of providing an experience to augment the celebration that your wedding already is – a celebration which will never happen again.

The online worksheet that you prepare me with is paramount and has been tailored over the course of my extensive wedding career – to both make sure that all important points are touched upon, whilst not bombarding you with homework.

No flight without the DJ’s pre-flight checklist.

Foley Weddings is a proud subscriber to Promo Only, the nation’s leading content provider to clubs, radio stations and professional entertainers since 1992. Promo Only prides itself in providing the best content – not only legally, but also innovatively – closing the gap between professional entertainers and the music industry.

Foley Weddings and Promo Only remind you that piracy is a crime. Hiring entertainers who don’t pay for music provide an ethical and logistical problem. Ethically because artists don’t get compensated, and logistically – becasue pirating entertainers may find themselves either in jail or bankrupt on the day of your wedding. Whoever you choose for your entertainment, insist on companies that seek legal avenues for their content.