Looking for a fun photo booth for your guests,
but don’t really want to break the bank?


What is photo booth express?
Photo booth express is an open-air professionally-lit iPad-based photo booth system which engages your guests with our props to get the most of their experience at any time of the night during the reception. A less expensive and less cumbersome alternative to the vending-machine sized apparatuses which cost over a thousand dollars per night, photo booth express delivers the same fun experience for a fraction of the price.

How does it work?
After selecting props (or just remaining “au naturel”) your guests are prompted to touch the screen to start the booth process. Four different photos are taken with three seconds in between to strike a new pose. After they see their photos on screen in a four-photo layout, they hit the print icon on the screen and in moments they have a souvenir 4×6 photo to bring home – or give to the newlyweds.

Just compare!

HUGE! About the size of a vending machine
About the size of a parking meter

Often limited
No print limit

Addl. vehicle required ($$$)
No additional
vehicle required.

Addl. personnel required ($$$)
No additional
personnel required.

Contractual, often limited
Full duration of existing service at reception site

Required to be inside
Works inside AND outside (tented)

Power required
Only at wireless print station

Largest selection in Vermont (see photo)

Digital delivery to client

Price Often $1400+ $300*

Do my guests get prints?
Absolutely. See the “how does it work” answer above.

Do I get to see the photos?
Absolutely. EVERY photo booth express includes the delivery of ALL the photos from the evening digitally via our private server. We include the photos in the four-photo composites AND each individual shot.

What about props?
Photo Booth Express also boasts one of Vermont’s coolest prop/costume selection for photos. After a few drinks, whether you want to be a cowboy, pirate, seductive devil, Batman, we’ve got you covered. Some like to bring them out to the dancefloor to bring the party to another level!

How much does it cost?
So as to ensure we meet your needs, we have different tiers of service with different prices. If you’ve already bundled your DJ and photography service, we offer a discount for full or printless booth service.

Full No
Props Only*
Bundled with DJ alone $350 $200 $75
Bundled with photography alone $350 $200 $75
Bundled with DJ and photography
$300 $150 $50
*People share their experience with their devices on social media

What do I need to provide?
As every venue is different, you must ensure that a photo booth is a viable option for your reception – corners of a room work best and often compliment the dancefloor well. Try to find a flat, flowing, consistent background that already exists at your reception (such as a wall or curtains). Results will vary greatly depending on your reception venue’s ability to accommodate a good place.
Try your best to avoid fire extinguishers, exit signs or light switches in the booth’s sight.
We will require:

  • A designated space
  • A 6′ table (preferably with linen like the rest of the tables) to place props on
  • An electric outlet for photo printer
Kids at your wedding? Our booth is endless fun for the munchkins. Sit back and relax or party the night away as your little ones play dress-up and use their imagination for hours of entertainment.

Do you include a background?
We prefer to use existing surfaces at your reception so that your guests can shine in all their glory. So as to keep our rate reasonable, we do not include a background, as trussing and maintaining is often not an option, nor is securely adhering a background with nails or otherwise. That isn’t to say that you can set one up yourself to use (with the venue’s permission of course)… make sure that whatever you do, the background is 10’x10′ to ensure your entire background is filled.

Would you recommend Photo Booth Express as a guestbook feature?
On occasion we get asked about how well this can integrate into a guestbook experience.
In a nutshell, this is a feature which people typically warm up to later on in the evening after loosening up with a few drinks, which is sort of the antithesis of a guest book, addressed earlier in the night most often after the guest enters the room. The other part of the photo booth’s appeal is the souvenir they get to take home. We would certainly never discourage a fun idea, but in our experiences, photo booth hasn’t integrated well into a guestbook experience, but has ALWAYS delivered A TON of fun for guests.

How do I book photo booth express by Foley Weddings?
When logging into your online planner to fill in the other details pertaining to your event, you will see Photo Booth Express amongst your worksheets. By default, photo booth express is NOT turned on, so if this is a feature you want, select one of the preferred options as seen above. Photo booth express is an ADD-ON to your existing DJ or photography (or both) service and is therefore not subject to an additional contract process.

Looks like a BLAST! – I might want something bigger though.
Can’t blame you!
Luckily, for a bit more investment, Vermont boasts some of the most amazing photo booth companies around.
We recommend these guys:

Premier Entertainment
Digital DJ
Photo Booth Planet Vermont

VT & NH Photo Booths

The choice is clear… for the same reason you hire a band or DJ, the ultimate goal is to keep family and friends entertained so they’ll stay as long as possible. Photo Booth Express has proven to be an immersive and family-fun activity, complete with souvenirs for guests and newlyweds alike.


Please visit our page again soon to learn more about our photo booth express services!