Photography FAQs

A: It’s of utmost importance to find someone who is a good fit for your wedding photography needs (and of course your budget). Many Vermont photographers would argue that your photographer is the most important investment you’ll make at a wedding. You should look for someone who is punctual, professional, and willing to cater to your needs – whatever they are. You should also look for someone who produces photos that reflect the style of your wedding. Make sure that you are satisfied with their past photography work by looking at photos from previous wedding portfolios.
A: As is expected at any wedding, I’ll want to take a wide range of posed, group, and candid photographs while always favoring natural light. I usually get a wide array of shots to capture your day in the most beautiful way possible. Typically I’m present at three locations: the site of bridal preparations, the site of the ceremony and the site of the reception. Before and after your ceremony, or whenever is convenient for you, I will take group wedding party shots. During the ceremony, I will capture the recession, vows, ring exchanges, first kiss and everything in between. The reception photos will include your first dance, father daughter dance, mother son dance, cake cutting and any other event you wish me to capture. Along with these, I will take many candids that reflect the theme of your wedding experience. Overall, I will be sure to take as many quality photos as possible to capture the beauty and uniqueness of your special day.
A: Every wedding is different, and I believe it’s important to embrace each unique wedding style and immortalize it in my photography – maybe “photojournalistic” would be the best way to describe my style. To do that, I employ a unique balance of natural light and diffused camera light (when needed). While I specialize in traditional wedding photography, I think the night is memorable just as much at the reception, so it’s important I stay as late as possible. It’s a shame so many photographers leave earlier in the reception when so many shots can be taken, but are missed – that’s why my standard package lasts eight hours. To better summarize my Vermont Photography style, I recommend viewing my portfolio.
A: Absolutely. We want to make sure that we capture every aspect of the wedding you’d envisioned. From the elegant to the obscure, we’d be happy to accept your requests whenever possible.
A: To make things easy, we deliver the best shots of your day to you on a CD or DVD (based on your computer capabilities). This will allow you to make prints easy at the photo department in your local photo shop, store or pharmacy, as well as pass them along with little to no hassle on places like Facebook and MySpace. Until a few years back, I would have never recommended digital photography with the remaining existence of film, however, the way things have improved in digital photography over the past decade, I can safely say that the art has been preserved, and that this is the safest way to keep your memories for ages to come.
A: We try to get your photos out to you within two weeks, but our priority is quality – not speed. It’s important that we bring out the best of every photo before they make their way to you. Usually the post-production process takes about two weeks.
A: Absolutely not – these photos are yours to do as you please with them. We will include a written release with your delivery.